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NO, it’s instant. There is no appointment you need to take. Just call on the number you receive after buying consultation minutes
It is our System’s standard number. You can save the number for all your future calls. Every time when you need to consult please call on this number.
They are highly experienced Lawyers with hands-on knowledge and expertise on all the key fields of Law in India. They all are practicing in various High Court in Indian. No you cannot choose them because they are chosen by Technology Algorithm based on their
practice Area and experience; this is 24X7Nyaya “Smart Match” Technology ensuring you to connect with best available expert.
Your call will be automatically disconnected if the time your purchased got over during the call i.e. if you purchased 30 minutes of consultation, then after talking for 30 min the call will automatically get Disconnected. You can quickly top up the time and call again on the same
number. We recommend buying more time; as an important legal discussion may extend and if you have
minutes left in your account, you call again to consult more any time either with the same Lawyer
or you can speak to a New Lawyer..
Please call on the same number again to continue your call. Our system will ask you ‘would like to speak to the previous Lawyer’ or a ‘New Lawyer’. You can choose your requirement.