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Freelance Agreement

What is a Freelance Agreement?

A freelance agreement is a contract between a freelancer and a client that outlines the terms and conditions of the freelancer’s work. This type of agreement can be used for any project or task that is completed outside of an employer-employee relationship.

Few details that are present in the contract are:

  • Compensation: The agreed amount that needs to be paid after completion of work
  • Timeline: A deadline set mutually by both parties
  • Scope of work: Defines the freelancer’s nature of work during the tenure of the agreement
  • Additional Services: Payment terms set by the freelancer for any extra effort
  • Late Payment Clause: A freelancer can charge an interest rate or set any other terms
  • Advance Payment: This clause allows freelancers to charge a specific sum in advance
  • Termination: Circumstances under which the client can choose to terminate the contract
  • Confidentiality: During the tenure, a freelancer should not disclose the work information to any third party
  • Privity: Showcases the relationship between the client and the freelancer
  • Jurisdiction and dispute resolution: Depends on the nationality of both parties

Documents required to prepare a Freelance Agreement

  • Address proof of parties that are involved in the agreement.
  • Identity proof of the business or company and the freelancer.
  • Documents that verify the names of the involved parties or organisations.

The Essential clauses in a freelancer contract

  • Scope or purpose of work
  • Timeline of the contract, termination and commencement
  • Payment timeline and mode
  • Verification of basic information
  • Most importantly, a valid consideration under Section 2(d) India Contract Act, 1872